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Day 30: 3 Things I Learned Writing Online Every Day For 30 Days In A Row

My Experience and Learnings from Ship30for30

30 days ago, I signed up for Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole's cohort-based course, Ship 30 for 30.

In that time, I wrote & published over 20 Atomic Essays, learned the fundamentals of Digital Writing, made friends, and started gaining clarity over what my niche might be. It has been an enriching (and challenging) journey, and I am more excited than ever to keep writing online.

Here are the 3 biggest things writing & publishing consistently every day for 30 days taught me:

1. Writing Gives You Clarity

Writing daily sharpened my thoughts, transforming vague ideas into clear, concise concepts. This process of distillation made my ideas more tangible and understandable.

2. Don't Skip More Than 1 Day

Consistency is key. Skipping more than one day disrupts the writing rhythm, making it challenging to regain momentum. Regular writing fosters discipline and helps maintain a creative flow.

3. Have a Dedicated Time for Writing Everyday

Setting aside a specific time for writing each day turned it into a vital, non-negotiable part of my routine. This disciplined approach enhanced my productivity and improved the quality of my work.

If you have been thinking about getting started writing online, too, let me know. I'm happy to share more about the experience and what I learned.

Additionally, if you're interested in reading my atomic essays, you can find them on my newsletter and my Typeshare blog. And if you'd like to join us in the next cohort, you can find more information about Ship30for30 here.


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