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Day 18: My 3 Favorite Newsletters For Learning About Newsletters

Elevate Your Newsletter Game: Top 3 Picks

I love reading newsletters.

But only the right newsletters.

(A lot are a waste of time, unfortunately.)

If you are at all interested in learning about Newsletter Writing, here are the 3 most worth your time:

1. Newsletter Operator by Matt McGarry: 

This newsletter is a treasure trove for those who aim to understand the nuances of newsletter growth and monetization. Matt McGarry delves into a range of topics, from subscriber acquisition to advanced monetization strategies. His approach is practical and based on real-world experiences, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and seasoned newsletter writers. The anticipation for his upcoming course, which promises to offer in-depth learning experiences, is high. Discover more at Newsletter Operator.

2. Funnel Breakdowns by Daniel Bustamente: 

Daniel Bustamente's expertise shines through in his analysis of newsletters, landing pages, and funnels. His newsletter offers a unique perspective on operational strategies behind successful newsletter campaigns. His analytical approach is not only insightful but also highly accessible, making complex strategies easy to understand and implement. For those interested in deepening their knowledge, Daniel's free email course and his forthcoming advanced course are excellent resources. Visit Funnel Breakdowns for more information.

3. Newsletter Circle by Ciler Demiralp: 

Ciler Demiralp's interviews with newsletter authors are both inspiring and informative. Each edition brings forth the journey, strategies, and tips from successful newsletter writers, making it a highly anticipated read every week. It’s a blend of motivation and actionable advice, ideal for anyone looking to start or improve their newsletter. To subscribe, visit Newsletter Circle.

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